Dr. Ertner is an expert medical witness in Anesthesiology. Dr. Ertner has been involved in the full-time practice of anesthesia since 2004. He has provided medical care to patients in multiple states. Dr. Ertner has worked in both of the common models of anesthesia practice: MD-only provided care and the care-team model where he was partnered with resident physicians and/or nurse anesthetists. For ten years Dr. Ertner was the owner and operator of a business that taught college students physics, chemistry, and mathematics. During this time as an educator, he learned how to effectively take complex ideas and present them in a simple way that his students could understand. This skill has been infinitely useful in his clinical practice. He uses these skills to help patients and others understand medicine and medical procedures in a clear and concise way. This helps to reduce the anxiety that being in the hospital evokes for many people.